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  Useful information

 Emergency telephones

• Emergency calls for any kind of situations 112
• Henri Coanda Airport (Otopeni) 204.12.00;


Tips are not legalized and the customer decides if he should offer it or not. It can be offered, particularly when you pay the bill in a restaurant or bar, generally without exceeding 10% of the total amount of the bill.


220 volts and 50 Hz. Double sockets.

 Credit cards

Most hotels, rent-a-car companies and some restaurants and stores accept payment by credit cards, all types being valid: American Express, Diners Club, Euro Master Card or VISA. However, it is recommended to ask first.

 Local time

GMT + 2 hours.

 Currency exchange

The national currency is Leu (Lei in the plural). The usual abbreviation is RON.
There are notes of 1 Leu, 5 Lei, 10 Lei, 50 Lei, 100 Lei, 200 Lei and 500 Lei.
The name of the divisional currency is the Ban (Bani in the plural). There are coins of 1 Ban, 5 Bani, 10 Bani and 50 Bani.

The passage from the old Lei (ROL) to the new Lei (RON) – 1 RON = 10,000 ROL – was made not long ago, in 2005. Because of this, many Romanians still use the equivalent in old Lei to ask or tell a price. In Romania, payments in stores and restaurants are made in the national currency.

The Dollar and the Euro can be exchanged at any exchange office. It is recommended to use the exchange offices within banks. The authorized exchange offices may use a more disadvantageous exchange rate than the official one and may charge large commissions.

The exchange rate may vary from one place to another and you should compare several places.