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 Romania under the NATO flag
Missions lead by NATO in Kosovo (KFOR)
(excerpt from Romanian land forces and –Ministry of National Defence)

1.  An Infantry company (The Romanian Detachment of Forces - ROFND), part of the Italian detachment of the Western Multinational Fight Group (MNTF-W)
Personnel: 86 military men - 1 Cp/B191 "Connel Radu Golescu";
Location: VILLAGGIO ITALIA field, next to PEC town, Kosovo;
Missions accomplished: Checking the compliance with the Peace Agreement; guarding and protecting the camp, the cult sites and the persons in their proximity; ensuring freedom of movement for communicating in the area of responsibility, through traffic control and patrol areas; searching for and collecting armament and prohibited materials; protecting the civil population during their return to their homes located in the area of responsibility.

2. Major State personnel, as part of the KFOR (KFOR HQ) mission commandment.
Personnel: 23/ 22 military men
Location: Pristina, Kosovo
Missions accomplished: activities specific for State Major.

3. An Information Structure, associated with the KFOR (KFOR HQ) Commandment.
Personnel: 12 military men
Location:  Pristine, Kosovo
Missions accomplished: activities specific for State Major.

4. An Information Structure as part of the Eastern Multinational Fight Group (MNTF-E)
Personnel: 30 military men
Location: Kosovo
Missions accomplished: - missions specific for the area of responsibility of  MNTF-E

5. Major State personnel – 1 military person, within the NATO HQ, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina commandment.
Location: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Missions accomplished: activities specific for State Major

6. Liaison officer – 1 military person, Belgrade , Serbia
Missions accomplished: - according to the specific tasks mentioned in the job description file.

Missions led by NATO to support Baltic countries – the mission was concluded in October 2007 (4 Mig-21 Lancer planes)

1. Detachment of pilots and technicians on a NATO mission
Personnel: 67 military men
Location: Siauliai military base, Lithuania
Missions accomplished: acting as Air Police under NATO command, as part of the integrated collective air defence in the air space of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Operations in the support of maintaining peace in Afghanistan

1. NATO missions -  ISAF OPERATION
A Maneuvre Battalion
Forces: 479/ 477 military men - B 33 VM "POSADA";
Location: Qalat;
Missions fulfilled: patrol missions, traffic control, convoy escort, surveillance and reconnaissance to ensure the Coalition forces security ; humanitarian activities to help the Afghani people : medical assistance.

2. NATO missions -  ISAF OPERATION
General Staff
Forces: 30/ 29 military men
Location: Kabul , Kandahar - Afghanistan
Missions fulfilled: activities specific for the General Staff.

3. NATO missions -  ISAF OPERATION
An information structure
Forces : 5 military men
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Missions fulfilled: specific missions for ISAF.

4. NATO missions -  ISAF OPERATION
Support and Transition Group
Forces: 3/ 0 military men
Location: Kandahar , Afghanistan
Missions fulfilled: assistance.

5. NATO missions -  ISAF OPERATION
Military Intelligence Detachment
Forces: 25 military men
Location: Kabul,Afghanistan
Missions fulfilled: specific missions for ISAF.

6.Missions within the Coalition - ENDURING FREEDOM OPERATION
SOF Personnel – 39/ 27 military men ;
Location: Shindan, Bagram - Afghanistan;
Missions fulfilled: specific missions for OEF.
7. Missions within the Coalition - ENDURING FREEDOM OPERATION
"ANA TRAINING" Detachment
Forces: 47/ 48 military men;
Location: Kabul/ Gardez;
Missions fulfilled: - activities of training and counselling the Afghan soldiers during the missions, programmes of granting assistance  to the military forces during the technical exploitation and maintenance.

8. Missions within the Coalition - ENDURING FREEDOM OPERATION
General Staff
Forces: 12/ 9 military men
Location: Kabul, Bagram  - Afghanistan
Missions fulfilled: specific missions for the General Staff.

Operations in Iraq

1. Missions within the Coalition - IRAQI  FREEDOM OPERATION
Infantry Battalion, in the Multinational Division South – East (ND SE)
Forces : 405 / 388 military men – B 32I ” Mircea”;
Location: An Nasiriah (Talil);
Missions fulfilled: missions of protection and surveillance of certain sensitive points ; traffic monitoring by : patrol activities, fixed and mobile control points, as well as surveillance points; surveillance and reconnaisance activities in some areas and regions endangered by hostile enemy attacks; organised and timely reaction in case of ambushes and isolated surprise attacks; providing security for logistics operations and for humanitarian missions in the responsibility area.

2. Missions within the Coalition - IRAQI  FREEDOM OPERATION
Under the order of The Multinational Force Command– Iraq
Contribution: General Staff
Forces: 17/ 16 soldiers
Location: Iraq
Missions fulfilled: specific missions for General Staff.
3. Missions within the Coalition - IRAQI  FREEDOM OPERATION
Under the order of The Multinational Command – Iraq
Contribution: Medical Detachment
Forces: 20 soldiers
Location: Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca
Missions fulfilled: - medical assistance to the prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Bucca.

Contribution: General Staff - instructors.
Forces: 3 soldiers
Location: Bagdad
Missions fulfilled: - training the Iraqi soldiers.

5. Missions within the Multinational Division  South - East
Infantry Battalion
Forces: 389 soldiers
Location: Tallil.
Missions fulfilled: patrol missions and setting –up of mobile control points on the main communication routes ; monitoring petrol pipes and electric energy network in the area ; patrol and surveillance missions in order to prevent the attacks against the coalition forces ; providing security for CIMIC activities.

6. Missions within the Multinational Division  South - East
Contribution: Information Coordination Cell
Forces: 13 soldiers
Location: Tallil.
Missions fulfilled: specific, for  DMSE.

7. Missions within the Multinational Division Central – South Contribution: 1 Information Structure
Forces: 56 soldiers
Location: Al Diwanyah - Iraq
Missions fulfilled: - specific missions.


    20 February – 20 March, 1991
    Romania participated in the “GRANBY” operation lead by the British, as part of the Multinational Force Peace in the Persian Gulf (The International Coalition against Iraq), in a military medical campaign, with 384 soldiers and a 200 – bed hospital. The hospital provided medical assistance to British troops engaged in humanitarian operations and missions (for war prisoners and civillians).
  • ALBA (The Multinational Protection Force in Albania)
    Period : 14 April – 24 July, 1997
    Romania participated in this mission with “Sfântul Gheorghe” Tactics Detachment, deploying 391 soldiers and 10 officers in the Force Headquarters. Romania was the only non – member NATO state that took part in these operations. The Romanian military unit activated within the “Friuli” Brigade (Italy), where it fulfilled specific missions, such as: reconnaissance of itinerary, escorting convoys and delegations, patrol missions, reconnaisance activities, providing security for Gjirokaster airport.
  • IFOR  (Implementation Forces in Bosnia-Hertegovina)
    Period: 20 March – 30 November, 1996
    Romania participated in this mission starting with the 8th March, 1996, deploying a Technical Battalion (The Technical Battalion 96 - “Dr. Josef Kruzel” – 200 soldiers) subordinated to the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. Its main mission was to ensure protection to the reshuffles of the international forces in the theater of operations.
  • SFOR I (Stabilization Force in Bosnia-Hertegovina)
    Period : 01 December – 30 June, 2000
    Romania joined this mission with the following forces :
    - a Technical Battalion (The technical Battalion 96 - “Dr. Josef Kruzel”, 166militarymen) ;
    - a POL Transport Detachment, 10 military men and 6 tanks (starting with 01 November,1996);
    - 5 officers in the Force Headquarters – 3 CIMIC officers (starting with 01 January, 1998) and 2 Military Police Officers (starting with 24 August,1998);
    - a Military Police Platoon, 23 militray men (starting with 24 August, 1998).