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NATO Bucharest Summit will unfold under “the wings of liberty”. This concept was the basis of designing the distinctive features of the high-level Reunion that will be hosted in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, in April 2008.

Bucharest Summit LogoStarting from the idea of representing the “Monument of the Heroes of Air”, in Aviator Square, Bucharest, the NATO Summit logo design reflects an essential theme for the Romanian people – liberty and resistance in front of  many difficult moments in their history – combined with defining characteristics of the North - Atlantic Alliance. Under these circumstances, this logo underlines the active participation of Romania within NATO’s activities. 

The official logo of NATO Bucharest Summit was chosen at the end of 2007, in a contest where more than 80 designs were evaluated, both from advertising companies and from students, artists and drawers.

As so many works were enrolled, and according to the principles of the North - Atlantic Alliance, only five of the participants were chosen to be in the final stage: Ciprian Badalan; Alexandru Emil Bucur; SC STARLINK CREATIVE SERVICE SRL; SC DINOGRAPHICS SRL; SC STREAMLINE COMMUNICATIONS. The evaluation of the five works was ensured by a jury made up of architects, drawers and mass – media representatives. The jury selected designs which grapfically represented the active presence of Romania within the North – Atlantic community, unique, creative art works that had not been copied or inspired from similar creations.

The final decision regarding the official logo design of the Summit was taken by the NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who was impressed by the theme that inspired the work entitled “The Wings of Liberty” by SC STREAMLINE COMMUNICATIONS.

 As the jury selected the theme only, and not the drawing, the final logo represents a mixture of several designers’ ideas.