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February, 25-26, 2008, Iasi
The Conference: ┬źNATO Lessons in Afghanistan- Romanian contribution on the stability, security and global peace┬╗
The situation in Afghanistan will be in the attention of the NATO Summit participants in Bucharest. Discussions on a high level will be preceded by a public debate addressing some aspects of the situation in Afghanistan: the implementation of peace and security in the area, the cooperation between NATO and its global partners, the reason for a NATO troops presence in the area, including Romanian troops.
For this reason, the Euro-Atlantic Romania Council (CEAR) through the Centre of Conflict Prevention and Early Warning, together with Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) will organize a public platform for debating the situation in Afghanistan through the Conference "NATO lessons in Afghanistan – Romanian contribution on the stability, security and global peace".  
It is an opportunity for reviewing the lessons offered so far by the operation of peace implementation in the area and the necessity to maintain the troops in Afghanistan.
Iasi Conference will take place at Cercul Militar.
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 February, 25-26, 2008, IASI CONFERENCE