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All the events open to mass-media during the NATO Summit shall be broadcasted live or recorded in CCTV – the Closed Circuit Television in the Palace of Parliament.
Five channels (English, French, Russian, Romanian and direct sound)  shall be made available for the mass-media in all areas of the Media Centre for the live transmission of the press conferences that take place in the Main Press Conference Room.

90 TV editing booths shall be installed in the Media Centre. The editing rooms shall be assigned equitably by the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), under Romania’s authority.

EBU shall install sound and video distribution points in the radio and TV editing booths, as the case may be. The transmission shall be 4 bands selectable (original sound, French, English and Romanian, as the case may be). A line with 0 dBm noise level on XLR connector shall be available. Any additional customized technical service shall be paid by the institution requesting it.

Facilities provided by SRTV

SRTV (the Romanian Television) shall provide the signal from the official transmission of the events to TV and radio installations in SDI (Serial Digital Interface–incorporated sound), as well as to the closed circuit television (CCTV).

SRTV, in cooperation with Eurovision Special Events, shall provide the following production facilities in order to support the broadcasting institutions transmitting from the Summit:
·    Beta SP/D, IMX, DVCAM and XDCAM playout (625 PAL and NTSC);
·    Beta SP editing (with or without editor);
·    Beta SP montage;
·    The pool material shall be transmitted by SRTV to CCTV in PAL.

SRTV shall supply its pool materials to all the TV networks, free of charge.

Studios for live transmissions and interviews

Two soundproof studios shall be installed in the Media Centre for TV interviews and live transmissions.

The booking of studios for interviews shall be the responsibility of the Eurovision Special Events representative. Bookings for interviews with NATO Secretary General shall have priority.

Stand-up positions

In the Media Centre, there shall be five areas for indoor stand-up positions and 15 areas for outdoor stand-up positions. Each position is equipped with 1x 230 V 16 A per supply panel with 2 holders and Internet access (wi-fi).
Eight such positions shall be assigned to EBU and two to SRTV.


The booking of Radio studios and editing booths shall be made by Radio EBU. Bookings for interviews with NATO Secretary General shall have priority.  

The technical aspects of the radio transmissions are delegated to SRR (the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Society).

The line level shall be 0 dBm pr XLR in all the rooms.

Radio studios

Two studios for radio interviews, recording and transmissions shall be installed.

The radio shall have an adjoining technical booth, equipped with a mixing console – ISDN Codec equipment – an analog line and an ISDN line, a phone, a CCTV monitor and an audio line for broadcasting sound from the press conference and the opening speeches in the main conference room.

Editing booths

25 editing and transmission booths shall be installed in the Media Centre.  

The editing booths shall be equipped with an ISDN line, an international direct phone line, a CCTV monitor, an audio out that shall broadcast sound from the press conferences in the Main Press Conference Room and the opening speeches in the conference room, and internet.


The distribution of NATO photos shall be made exclusively by electronic means.

The official photos can be seen and downloaded, free of charge, by specifying the source.