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 Old Center
During this period, the Old Center of Bucharest, composed of the streets of Lipscani (importers of Leipzig products), Gabroveni (knifesmiths), Blanari (furriers), Selari (saddlers), and the Francez─â (French) street, Stavropoleos street, was undergoing an ample reconstruction process.

The Lipscani street of today is one of the oldest arteries of Bucharest, being attested with documents since the 5th of June 1589. Known as the “Large Alleyway”, the Lipscani street was the main trading and handicraft area of the city.

The archeological discoveries made at Hanul cu Tei (The Linden Inn), in the cellars of the Gabroveni Inn and at the Lipscani Corridor, prove that the area was inhabited since the 15th century.

The Lipscani Area is a commercial area, similar to a labyrinth of small streets whose names refer to various métiers such as the “Large Alleyway of the Saddlers”, the “Locksmiths Alleyway”, the “Tailors Alleyway”.

Besides Romanians, this area also accommodated communities of Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Armenian, Albanese, and Austrian traders. This is exactly why the buildings were influenced by various styles, the Renaissance and Baroque styles being the predominant ones. Unfortunately, many of these buildings got very much deteriorated during the communist dictatorship period of Nicolae Ceausescu, when the buildings were nationalized and their owners were forcedly relocated or fled from the country.

However, the area began to recover gradually. At the present, the streets of the Old Center are full during the day, most of the shops selling antiquities and fine art, extremely picturesque. Also, the area is renowned for its shops selling bride gowns and wedding suits.

The Old Center is very populated during the night, as well, as here are the most famous clubs and restaurants of the capital city, among which: “The Linden Inn”, “The Beer Waggon”, “Fire Club”, “Club A”, “Twice”, “Backstage”, “Expired” or “Amsterdam”.