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Address: Piata Romana

The monument, called “Roma’s She-Wolf” and known as the “She-Wolf with Cubs” or the “She-Wolf Statue” was given to Bucharest by the city of Rome in 1906, on the occasion of celebrating 40 years since the crowning of King Charles I as ruler of Romania, and 2000 years since the presence of the Roman legions in Dacia.

The monument represents a bronze copy of the famous Roman monument “Lupa Capitolina”, showing the legendary she-wolf that seemingly nursed Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. The author of the copy given to Bucharest is an anonymous Greek sculptor.

Originally, in 1906, the statue was located inside the “Roman Arenas” in the “Charles I Park”, and shortly afterwards, in 1908, it was relocated in the St. George Square. In 1931, it was relocated again, this time on the Metropolitan Church Hill, and in 1965 it was taken to the middle of the little park in the DorobanĊ£i Square. 

Currently, it is in the Roman Square, where it was brought in 1997.


Address: Revolution Square, in front of the former Senate Building

One of the most controversial works of this type in the Capital city, the Revolution Monument was achieved by Alexandru Ghildus. The monument is located in the Revolution Square, near the statue of Iuliu Maniu, a work of the sculptor Mircea Spataru.