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Putin to Basescu: After your visit to Moscow, in 2005, relations developed a lot

Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the beginning of his talks on Friday with Romanian President Traian Basescu, invited the latter to pay a visit to Moscow. "In the bilateral relationships, I want to say that this October it's 130 years since diplomatic ties were set between Romania and Russia. I should also like to say that, after your visit to Moscow, in 2005, the relations developed very much, the economic ones in particular, bilateral trade reached almost five billion dollars. I should like to thank you for the constructive way in which our bilateral links will develop, I believe. I invite you again to come to Moscow", Putin said.
Basescu thanked his Russian counterpart for the very good relations between the two states, starting in 2005, when Basescu visited Moscow. He thanked Putin for the invitation to visit Russia. '"I am convinced the basis of a new type of links between Romania and Russia were set on the occasion of my visit to Moscow" said Basescu.

(Source: Rompres)