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The first NATO press conference after Bucharest Summit

In his first press conference after Bucharest Summit, NATO Spokesman, James Appathurai, has spoken about the positives results of the high level reunion concerning the Alliance enlargement and NATO missile defence, which will be complementary of the American one. The states invited to join NATO at Bucharest Summit, Croatia and Albania have received today a letter in which they were invited to begin official talks to accession. "A few minutes ago NATO Secretary General has sent a letter to the Foreign Affairs Ministers from Albania and Croatia and they were invited to send a delegation in order to begin official talks to accession" declared James Appathurai. He explained that the discussions will take a couple of weeks and will end with an accession protocol. Albania and Croatia will have to deposit adherence instruments in USA, the Washington Treaty storage which contains the Alliance bases. The document will be approved also by the 26 NATO States members. This is a technical procedure and nobody can anticipate how long will last, has declared the NATO Spokesman.

James Appathurai has also spoken about Macedonia, still left it at the Alliance doors after Bucharest Summit. The Spokesman has declared that he knows about the disappoiment of Macedonia population and he repeated NATO decision taken at Bucharest that an invitation to join the Alliance, as soon as the name problem of the state will be resolved.

(Source: Radio Romania Actualitati)